Wednesday, November 30, 2022

iPad Boot Camp

Billings   February 27/28, 2023   8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  

    (Registration for this training has closed.) 

Discover what is new in the world of awesome apps, adaptations and accessories. 

This is our highest-rated training ever! Quotes from previous attendees: "Great visuals, videos and hands-on!"  "I loved how practical this was."  "It was an awesome workshop. I absolutely loved it. Therese has a great sense of humor and is fun to listen to!"

Twelve OPI renewal units are available for this training. Attendance is limited to 50 people. Attendees must bring an iPad for which they have the ability to add apps or other software. 

Day 1

The awesome iPad and it’s many features to support students with disabilities

Resources for finding appropriate apps for specific functional limitations

There is an app for that—feature mapping and finding appropriate apps

Create access solutions for the iPad for vision impairments—tactile overlays

Build a multi-use iPad holder

Creating and using a scan and read station for the iPad for students with print disabilities

Creating access solutions for physical impairments

And . . .  on the first day of the boot camp you will be making seven different iPAD supporting devices to take home. The seven devices that they would be making include: a multi-use iPad Holder; an Adapted Stylus; a Tactile Overlay for iPADs for Blind; a multi-use vertical iPAD holder for Low Vision; an iPAD Flipper for the Deaf; an iPAD enhancer for Hard of Hearing; and an iPAD Scan and read station for learning disabilities and print disabilities. 

Day 2

101 Uses for the iPad camera to support students with disabilities

Explore 10 ways to Interact with the iPad without ever touching the device – using voice, geo fencing, switch access

Creating access solutions for students with communication impairments

Apps and executive function impairments

Apps and adaptations for deaf and hard of hearing

Apps for self-regulation and relaxation

iPad access when using a wheelchair, table, floor, car or bed to accommodate for physical limitations

Therese Willkomm, PhD, ATP, is currently the director of the New Hampshire statewide assistive technology program with the Institute on Disability and a clinical associate professor at the University of New Hampshire. She has been engaged in providing and managing assistive technology services for over 28 years in the areas of home, school, and worksite modifications for persons with disabilities. She is known nationally and internationally as “The MacGyver of Assistive Technology.” She has invented over 600 different Assistive Technology solutions including 50 different iPad solutions.