Wednesday, June 7, 2017

FREE Online Autism Training from the OPI Montana Autism Education Project

The OPI Montana Autism Education Project is offering 35 hours of online training in Teaching Procedures (24 hours) and Behavior Interventions (11 hours) to public school staff in Montana who educate students with autism spectrum disorders. A listing and description of the training content is attached to this message. The training can be taken for OPI renewal units and ASHA CEUs.

You can find more information and register for the online training here. New groups start the first week of each month and you will be sent information then. 

These are some of the results of our post-training survey:


Information for Speech-Language Providers

ASHA members and/or MT state licensed SLPs are qualified to earn ASHA CEUs for completing the online Relias Learning curriculum. In 2011, a MT licensed SLP completed the ATS training as an "Independent Study" course and earned ASHA CEUs.

ASHA requires that Independent Study activities are approved 30 days prior to the start of the learning activity.

Independent Study forms should be dated at least 30 days prior to the date of the first certificate for completing a module. Below is a link for the ASHA Independent-study form. Participants fill out the form and send it to Valeria Schmauch. Independent study plans are limited to 20 hours.

The link below will take you directly to the Independent Study form:

Valeria Schmauch, MSHA CEA


Monday, October 17, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Could Leave A Wake Of Autism

Using data from the National Weather Service on hurricanes and severe weather from 1980 to 1995 in Louisiana, together with records of the incidence of autism in children born in Louisiana during these periods, a team of researchers led by psychologist Dennis Kinney at Harvard Medical School found a strong association between the severity of hurricanes and the prevalence of children with autism born to women who were pregnant during these storms. Overall, the study published in 2008 found that the prevalence of autism disorder was about 5 children per 10,000 births, but the rate more than doubled in children born to women who had experienced the most severe hurricanes, jumping to 13 children with autism per 10,000 births in women who experienced the most severe storms.

Read more here. 

Adapted Physical Education Resources (ADPE)

50 Million Strong is SHAPE America's commitment to empowering all children to lead healthy and active lives through effective health and physical education programs.
Adapted physical education is physical education that has been modified so it is appropriate for students with disabilities.

See the resources here. 

Libraries and Autism

Find the resources here. 

Our son wouldn't stop swearing, so we taught him how to do it right

Our son Malcolm has what is generally referred to as "high-functioning autism," meaning he is verbal, can follow instructions and can consume information at a staggering rate with meticulous accuracy. It also means he has very little ability to grasp social cues or to participate ably in many social situations. He is rarely willfully disobedient and hates getting into trouble.
Except for swearing, where he swore constantly at school, to teachers and classmates.
We tried teaching Malcolm "green-light words" and "red-light words," in the hopes that he would not cuss. But we were fighting a losing battle: To an autistic preteen, it is confusing to hear "those words are wrong" when the words appear to be socially acceptable in many contexts, including the playground and the middle-school bus ride, where the rules of discourse are set by peers, not by adults. And those contexts are precisely where Malcolm struggles the most -- but also desires the most to fit in. Of all the ways to fit in, this one was pretty harmless.
So, after growing weary of constantly monitoring his language, we devised a new plan. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pavlov walks into a bar. His phone rings and he says, "Oh heck, I forgot to feed the dog."

Sunday, October 9, 2016

MonTECH Community Lunch - Missoula

Mon, October 17, 2016
11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Come and join us for a FREE lunch and conversation about the assistive technology needs in the western part of Montana! We will be meeting at the Salvation Army on South Russell Street.
This lunch session will include a brief introduction to assistive technology and MonTECH. The time promises to be dynamic, interactive, and provide an opportunity to talk with other service providers, educators, and consumers of assistive technology. MonTECH wants to hear about your challenges, needs, and how we all can work together to address these needs.

Go here to register and find more information.