Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Teaching Critical Communication Skills - Missoula, June 12, 2024

You will learn how to teach critical communication skills that lead to greater independence in the home, work, school and community settings. We review nine specific skills: requesting reinforcers, requesting help, requesting a break, indicating yes and no, waiting, following directions, schedule-following and transitioning. Through lecture, demonstrations, video and participatory activities, you will acquire specific teaching strategies that are relevant for anyone who has limited communication skills, regardless of their communicative modality (e.g., Picture Exchange Communication System [PECS], signing, device use, speech).

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.   

Seven OPI renewal units are provided for this training. PECS will provide 0.6 ASHA CEUs

You can register for this training at Double Tree Edgewater, Missoula here