Monday, February 12, 2024

Six NEW Trainings!!! Repeated 4x each from March to June!!

The 90 minute virtual trainings below will provided by Julie Doerner, SLP (biography below the training descriptions.) 

Two OPI renewal units will be available for each virtual training. 

How to Stop the Escape 

Do you have a student using an iPad/tablet who is constantly escaping your planned AAC activities? Regain control with these strategies! This training will show both technical and non-technical ways to lock the student’s device into AAC communication mode and stay there.

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The Story of Clever Hans 

How do you know that your student is using the iPad in a way that is meaningful? This training is about how we, as professionals, must prove to ourselves that the student is learning. How convinced are you that your therapy is working? 

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Spontaneous Usage and Clinician Patience

“To be successful, any new communication system must work better than the student’s current communication methods.” This training will address how to get a student to use their device spontaneously, without direct cueing or prompting from staff. This session will also include how to train staff to increase the student’s independent use of a communication system. 

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Structured Opportunities

How do you create opportunities that will require the student to use their AAC device for communication? This training will address how to use daily schedules, activities and IEP goals to identify opportunities for communication and collect data on usage. 

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AAC and Culture

In a world filled with so many overlapping cultures, how do we parse out AAC culture? What are the most consistent considerations? In this session, we will discuss those considerations and learn how to adhere to them in the midst of the diversity of user’s life. 

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AAC Evaluation Considerations

What skills do we assess during an “AAC Evaluation?” And what are the best methods to do so? AAC evaluations can be a daunting task. In this session, you will learn or review AAC evaluation protocols and additional strategies. We will also talk about how discuss evaluation results so that team members can feel compelled to get the student’s program started.

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Julie Doerner:                                                                         

Julie is a nationally certified and state licensed Speech Language Pathologist (SLP). Julie currently works for the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes (CSKT) Tribal Health Services of the Flathead Reservation. She serves all ages of patients across the Reservation, but works primarily with Native American children attending Head Start preschool centers. Julie has worked in the public schools, private practice, in the rehab setting, and most recently worked at the University of Montana. At UM, Julie worked for the state assistive technology (AT) program, MonTECH, and the School of Speech, Language, Hearing, and Occupational Sciences. Her work focused on Augmentative Alternative Communication. Julie has been working with the Proloquo2Go app since 2012. When she isn’t working, Julie is riding her horses, training her mini-donkeys, and traveling.