Monday, February 15, 2021

 WAVES 2020-21 Session Archives Available

Hopefully you’ve taken advantage of the free professional development opportunities that the Wyoming Department of Education provided this past semester. We know how hard you’ve been working to meet the needs of Wyoming students. If you missed a session or two, we’ve got you covered. Educators can access all the WAVES recordings and materials  below, or visit the Wyoming Instructional Network []

WAVES 20-21 Session Archives []

IDEA Legal Issues in COVID School Closures: FAPE, Compensatory Services, Other Issues - Jose Martin

There are special factors for IEP teams to consider during the pandemic. This session provides excellent guidance to assist you:

What About Us? PLC at Work Process for Grades Pre-K – 2 - Brian Butler and his co-authors 

Discover how to achieve the full potential of preK-2 classrooms through proven best practices aligned to the PLC at Work® process. Learn how to work in collaborative teams to determine essential standards, design assessments, monitor student progress, and more.

Conducting Comprehensive Evaluations - Bart Lyman

Explore the foundations and identify the specific components of a comprehensive evaluation.

Modern Issues in Least Restrictive Environment: Does the Mandate Really Apply Equally in All Context? - Jose Martin 

LRE is a foundation of IDEA. This will walk you through all the components to consider.

Goal Writing (K-12 focus) - Dr. Tessie Bailey

An overview of strategies for setting high quality Academic and Behavioral IEP Goals.

Comprehensive Evaluations & Observations for Early Childhood Pre-K – 2 - Annastashia Teepe

Take an in-depth look into conducting comprehensive evaluations and observations for children ages 3 - 8 as part of the referral process for special education

Addressing Postsecondary Transition: Student with Complex Needs - Ellen Condon

Find ways to encourage families, young adults, and support staff to stretch their thinking in the possibilities of postsecondary transition.

MTSS 101 (K-12 focus) - Bart Lyman

Develop a basic understanding of MTSS components, learn the benefits of utilizing the framework, and begin to evaluate current practices through an MTSS lens.

Social Emotional Panel Discussion (Early Childhood focus) Panelists - Nikki Baldwin, Kathy Buchanan, Laura Fowler, Nicole George, and Tiffany Hunt

Panelists discuss some practical strategies/suggestions for educators to provide social emotional learning and support for our children and families while ensuring a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE), while providing tips on how teachers can feel supported in their own social/emotional well-being among the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trauma-Informed Care (K-12 focus) - Clark Fairbanks and Wendy Gaunter

Trauma-Informed Care (Early Childhood focus) - Clark Fairbanks and Wendy Gaunter

Woodcock Johnson/Review of General Administration Procedures -  Dan Mayer

Visual Impairment Eligibility Determination - Leslie Van Orman 

Overcoming Poor Quality Tier 1 through Effective Implementation of High Leverage Practices/Evidence Based Practices - Dr. Tessie Bailey

Develop a quality Tier I through the selection and implementation of High Leverage Practices/Evidence Based Practices.

Kindergarten Transition & Executive Functioning Skills - Deana Smith, Nikki Baldwin, and Amy Reyes

During this session, you will find ways to improve Kindergarten transition, help your students develop or improve their social/emotional and executive functioning skills, and learn strategies and ideas from teachers within the state  to help your student’s transition be more successful as they enter kindergarten. 

Avoiding Pitfalls in the IEP Process: Don’t fall prey to some commonly overlooked components of the IEP process - Stephanie Weaver

Goal Writing Strategies for Early Childhood: An overview of strategies for setting high quality Pre-Academic and Functional  IEP Goals - Dr. Tessie Bailey