Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Upcoming Social Thinking Trainings (virtual) - Spring 2021

The OPI Montana Autism Education Project will be offering the trainings below for Montana public school educators. The trainings are 3.5 hours long and attendees will have access to the recording of the training for 30 days after the training date. 

March 4 -  Me in the Social World—It All Starts with Social Self-Awareness

March 5 Using Social Competencies to Navigate in the Social World

April 16  The Social World: Practical Vocabulary and Concepts for Teaching How It Works

April 17 Strategies and Concepts for How to Navigate to Regulate in the Social World

May 3 Assessing Social Competencies with Practical Assessment Tools and Tasks

May 4 Exploring Socially Based Executive Functions & Tips for Assessing Different Developmental Ages

Four OPI renewal units will be provided for each training. 

You can register here