Monday, June 6, 2016

Consultation Visits from the OPI Montana Autism Education Project

Consultation Visits:  Staff from the Montana Autism Education Project are available to provide on-site trainings, classroom-level consultations or consultations on individual students. These services are available for no charge and must be requested by the school. Please contact Doug Doty at if you are interested.

Here is a bit of data on our past student consultation visits.

2015-2016 post-consultation survey results: (N= 16)





The consultant developed a good understanding of our student. = 4.9
The suggestions/changes the consultant made were easy to understand. = 4.8

The suggestions the consultant made were realistic. = 4.8

The consultant provided me with useful information. = 4.9

The suggestions in the consultation report were realistic. = 4.9

The consultation report provided me with valuable information. = 4.9

What did you like best about the consultation visit?

“Our consultation was very personalized. The consultant valued the opinion of the staff, and came with a wealth of knowledge to share.”

“You can tell the consultant has a lot of experience. The consultant understands the struggles many special education teachers have and has a lot of insight The consultation report had many things I could share with the IEP team for this student. The consultant provided specific suggestions that will be useful for this student.”

“The consultation process was easy going, relaxed, helpful, supportive, and not conflict based.”

Other Data