Sunday, February 1, 2015

Executive Function Skills in Children and Adolescents - MIssoula

RiteCare/SCHWA 3rd Annual Autism Spring Conference 8:30 am – 3:30 pm March 7th, 2015 Missoula, MT 4825 N. Reserve St. – Ruby’s Inn Join Montana native Sarah Ward as she defines executive function skills and typical development and discusses self- regulation, situational awareness, and self-talk. Ms. Ward will demonstrate the importance of teaching students forethought and hindsight, and how to know their goal and initiate a plan. Other topics include organized thinking, speed of processing, time management, and teaching students how to shift to make transitions and manage materials. Learner Outcomes State the functional working definition of what is meant by the term “executive function skills” as it pertains to therapeutic interventions Define how situational awareness, self-talk, forethought and episodic memory are the foundational skills for successful task execution Develop an intervention program to foster a student’s ability to form more independent executive function skills by describing therapeutic activities to improve:  Situational awareness and forethought  Task planning, task initiation and transition within and between tasks  Active self-management of the factors related to the passage of time  Internal self-talk for initiating tasks  Organized thinking and speed of processing  Student management of homework and materials Outline how professionals can collaborate with parents, teachers, and other professionals to implement an executive function based treatment program both in and outside of the classroom. Fees (including lunch): Early Bird price ends Feb. 21st: Professionals $80, Parents & Paras $55, Students $40 Typical Bird: Professionals $100, Parents and Paras $75, Students $60 Registration Information: Course # 4978 Scholarship Information: Student (CSD, Ed., Counselor Ed., School Psych. Etc.) Scholarships: Email The Montana Autism Education Project is also offering a limited number of registration scholarships for educators. Email with the Subject Line, "SCHWA Conference."
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