Thursday, May 23, 2024

 STAR: Virtual Trainings

November 7-8, 2024

December 9-10, 2024

This comprehensive two-day workshop provides participants with detailed examples and practice activities on how to implement the evidence-based practices identified in the National Standards Report (2009). The STAR Program, a research-based curriculum, is used to provide examples.  Detailed information will be shared on the evidence-based instructional methods of:

  • discrete trial training;
  • pivotal response training;
  • teaching through functional routines
Participants will learn how to implement these strategies through structured lesson plans and a curriculum scope and sequence.  The workshop will include extensive data collection systems and participants will learn to collect and use data for instructional decision making. Workshop topics will include the use of Power Point lecture, video examples, presenter demonstration, and participant "hands-on" practice.