Tuesday, March 26, 2024

There is a NEW Statewide Coordinator for the OPI Montana Autism Education Project!


I am thrilled to announce that Katie Mattingley (bio below) will be taking over the Montana Autism Education Project. I've known Katie since ~2010, and she has been one of our Autism/Behavior Consultants both before and after she came to work at the OPI as a School Improvement Specialist. 
Katie will do an awesome job as the Coordinator, and her experience, knowledge and perspective as an SLP will be a good thing for the MAEP and it's continuation. 
Katie will be your sole point of contact for questions, etc. related to the Montana Autism Education Project starting on Monday, March 25th, as my email address will be disabled when I leave shortly thereafter. 
Thank you for all the things that you and your students have taught me, 
Katie is a School Improvement Specialist and Autism Specialist for the Special Education Unit of the Montana Office of Public Instruction.  Katie earned her Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology from Idaho State University in 2007 and worked as a school-based therapist for 10 years prior to moving into private practice and consulting. Her clinical work primarily has focused on coaching families and individuals experiencing difficulties related to autism spectrum disorders, Social (Pragmatic) Communication Disorder, and ADHD.   Through the Montana Autism Education Project and Special Education Unit, Katie continues to support school teams in best practices for behavior management, functional and social communication, and in utilizing data to drive intervention for students receiving special education services.