Thursday, March 7, 2024

MSHA Convention Scholarships Available from the OPI Montana Autism Education Project

 The Montana Speech Language and Hearing Association will be having their annual convention in Billings on April 19th. The OPI Montana Autism Education Project has a limited number of registration scholarships available for the speaker below. 

These scholarships are for registration only and do not include travel costs. We will notify you if you have a scholarship on or before March 22nd. 


Katja Piscitelli will be presenting on Gestalt Language Processing and Neurodiversity Affirming Practices. 

Learning Objectives: 1. Identify the differences between analytic and gestalt language processing
2. Identify the signs that a student is a gestalt language processor
3. Describe the stages of natural language acquisition (NLA)
4. Identify strategies to move students through the NLA stages towards
self-generated, novel language
5. Perform language sample scoring for gestalt language processors
6. Write goals to support gestalt language processing development
7. Demonstrate understanding of supporting gestalt processors who use AAC
8. Demonstrate understanding of the neurodiversity movement and what it
means to be a neurodiversity affirming provider.