Monday, May 22, 2023

MontCOMM 2023 - Registration Scholarships Available for Public School Educators

The Montana Autism Education Project has a limited number of scholarships for the MontCOMM 2023 conference on Friday, August 18th, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Attendance can be virtual or in-person (Missoula.) OPI, ASHA and and MOTA renewal units are available. 


This year’s conference offers several sessions which may be of particular interest to those working in schools: 


Session 2A: AAC Implementation for School-Aged Individuals 

Session 2B: Literacy and AAC: Why Both are Key! 

Session 3A: AAC: Re-Defining Life Skills 

Session 3B: AAC Assessment: A Practical Approach to Decision Making 


These scholarships are only available to Montana public school educators. 


You can request a registration scholarship here.

PLEASE NOTE: Specific Cancellation and No Show policies are in effect that could affect your participation in future trainings from the Autism Project. 

Cancellations: You are welcome to cancel at any time.  

No Shows:  If you do not cancel and do not attend, 1. you will be unable to receive a MAEP scholarship to the 2024 MCEC conference in Missoula, future MonCOMM August Institutes and all 2023-24 conferences/trainings which require us to pay a fee per person; and 2. You will be automatically wait-listed for any 2023-2024 trainings that have a limited attendance.