Thursday, September 22, 2022

Aversive Treatment Procedures - A Refresher on the OPI Rule (virtual training)

November 2     2:30 – 4:00 p.m.

This training will review the use of aversive treatment procedures in public schools, which is governed by ARM 10.16.3346. This is training on the rule and not on how to write aversive treatment plans.

The training will discuss the following requirements of the rule: 

1.  The requirements for conducting a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and positive behavior interventions before aversive procedures can be implemented; 

2.  When physical restraint is/is not an aversive treatment procedure; 

3.  The definitions of isolation time-out and what is/is not isolation time-out; 

4.  Prohibited procedures; 

5.  The requirements of a behavior intervention plan using aversive treatment procedures;

6.  Parental consent for the use of aversive treatment procedures; and

7.  Requirements for notifying parents when aversive treatment procedures are used.

You can register for the training here