Monday, August 8, 2022

2021-2022 Training Summary, OPI Montana Autism Education Project

In the 2021-2022 school year, the OPI Montana Autism Education Project (MAEP) provided: 

42 different trainings and with repeated trainings, a total of 63 trainings

These trainings were attended by 1,350 Montana educators, parents and others who have an interest in autism and behavior management.  They completed 6,372 hours of training. 

The trainings were mostly virtual trainings, with four in-person trainings in March and June in Billings, Bozeman and Great Falls. We will continue to evaluate all trainings as to whether attendees think the training is/would be better in-person or virtually. 

Staff from 117 different school districts attended trainings offered by the MAEP. Additional attendees were from the Job Corps, private schools, Part C providers, the Department of Child and Family Services. Head Start, both Montana Bureau of Indian Education schools, parents, and students from the University of Montana School Psychology and Communication Sciences Disorders programs. 

Attendees by Position: 

30% - Special Education Teachers

29% - Speech-Language Providers

10% - School Psychologists

9% -  General Education Teachers

4% - Paraeducators

14% - Other    (Parents, University Students, Special Education Directors, School Administrators, School Counselors, OPI staff, Part C Providers, etc.)

Training Evaluation: 

We do post-training evaluations and obtained the following average scores: 

"Would you suggest this training to others?"  4.7 / 5  (range 4.4 - 4.9)

Also asked:


    (The initial gain of 1.2 is a one-decimal rounded average.)