Thursday, September 1, 2022

MonTECH Assistive Technology Training Series 2022-23 (virtual training)

Each month we will feature a different assistive technology (AT) training from MonTECH. These virtual trainings will be from 2:30 to 4:00 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month. Two OPI renewal units will be provided for each training. Registration will open for each training ~ 30 days prior. 

You can register for upcoming trainings here

December 20: Using AT for Behavior/Sensory Support Part 1

Discussion about environmental supports for behavior management. We will show MonTECH tools for support and how you can implement these ideas in your own classroom 

January 17: Using AT for Behavior/Sensory Support Part 2

This session will focus on gross motor sensory needs, ideas for supporting those with different sensory needs through AT, and discussion about sensory profiles and how they can help. 

February 21: Setting Yourself Up For Success with Communication

If you’re new to working with students who use communication devices, then this is the training for you! First, we’ll review some basic principles of AAC so you feel confident supporting your students. Next, we will discuss different features of the device, including access options, and talk about how to get buy-in from the whole team. Throughout the training, we’ll highlight how to keep communication fun and engaging.

March 21: Communication Supports Part 1 (emphasis on low-tech devices)

This session will focus on beginner communication devices and tools that lead to learning about cause and effect. This class is great for anyone new to communication, someone is working with students with more complex needs, and anyone new to the concept of back-and-forth communication. 

April 18: Communication Supports Part 2  (emphasis on high tech/apps)

We will be discussing communication apps and when and how to use them. We will compare different apps and the features of each. We will also discuss feature matching a student to an app or device.