Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Social Thinking Recorded Trainings available through September 30, 2022

The OPI Montana Autism Education Project has a limited number of scholarships for Montana public school educators to view on-demand trainings from Social Thinking. No OPI renewal units are available for watching these recorded trainings.

Building the Social Mind in Early Childhood  (description)

Finding One’s Motivation to Tackle Many Moving Parts of Any Assignment  (description)

Helping Students Gain Perspective on Their Emotions  (description)

How Do We Get Things Done?  (description)

Small Talk and Conversations  (description)

Teaching Thinking with Eyes, Body in the Group and Whole Body Listening (ages 4-7)  (description)

Teaching Thoughts, Feelings and The Group Plan (ages 4-7)  (description)

Only three trainings are available per person. 

This registration has closed.