Sunday, December 6, 2020

Echolalia Autism: Why Does My Child Repeat Me?

 Many children on the autism spectrum use echolalia (repeating other people’s words and sentences) as a way of responding to direction, as well as expressing their wants and needs.Echolalia may be confusing for parents and neurotypical people but it need not be distressing.

Modeling language for echolalic children

  • Model language that will still be true and appropriate if echoed. “Time for the bathroom” works to direct him and works if he says it to you, but “Do you need to use the bathroom?” is confusing when Caleb later echoes it as an answer to express his need
  • Model short phrases at first, even if your child can echo long sentences, and match the words to what he/she is experiencing. He/She needs the simplicity to connect the meaning with the words even though his/her memory allows him/her to say longer phrases and sentences
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