Thursday, August 6, 2020

Tips for Helping Children With Autism Cope With Dental Visits

Booking the Appointment

  • Tell the dentist office your child is on the autism spectrum and ask if they have a hygienist who has experience working with kids with disabilities.
  • Be sure to book a day and time where your child is the calmest and avoid times when they may be tired or irritable.
  • Request a private treatment room. Some dentist offices have pediatric treatment chairs in clusters and some in private rooms. The fewest distractions possible will help the visit go more smoothly.

The Day of the Appointment

  • Have a reward for your child for after the appointment. Maybe a wrapped new toy or the promise of a trip to the park. Pick something highly motivating for them to get them excited about the appointment. Rewards can sometimes be faded out over time, but using them in the beginning is a great way to build motivation.
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