Monday, July 27, 2020

Free Resources from PECS

On Facebook we have a PECS User Support page..  search that and join.  Be sure to go to the media tab and check out the videos and photos on there as well as scanning the posts every so often.  You or anyone can ask questions there for free and we monitor it!  It’s a closed group.  There are also live sessions Andy and Lori run…
Overview Managing Challenging Behavior for Learners Video (30 min ish and Informal)
Free Videos
Books they released for free
Free Downloadable Materials – SO MUCH ON HERE
Support at Home Page – New since COVID and expanding – Lots of videos with pictures and lesson plans for simple lesson ideas and other resources
Be sure to click on the more…The red buttons link to youtube videos the green buttons are where you click to download the lesson plan, pictures, etc!
More Activities Page
More Downloads Page
More Additional Resources Page