Friday, March 20, 2020

Of Hourse, Human and Nature

Of Horse, Human and Nature - A public Conference presented by the Montana Center for Horsemanship & the University of Montana Western, featuring Dr. Temple Grandin:
Knowledge inspires action and all roads lead to Dillon, Montana, September 10-12, 2020 for the first national conference merging traditional, natural horsemanship with 21st century new equine and horse-human research, education, and horse-human experiences. Meet the experts on the frontlines of ground-breaking initiatives that foster and promote the unique relationship between horse and human.
OF HORSE, HUMAN & NATURE brings together leading voices and experts in equine and animal behavior, natural horsemanship, ranching, outfitting, packing, wilderness and back-country recreation; horse-human initiatives that advance health and well-being; horse-and-rider demonstrations, and hands-on experiences with horses. The Conference also presents compelling storytellers and award-winning equine films from EQUUS INTERNATIONAL Film Festival 2020. 
Of Horse, Human and Nature also presents some of the latest research and science surrounding the unique relationship between horse and human.
OF HORSE, HUMAN & NATURE brings a balanced and insightful look at, and appreciation for all things horse and the powerful and life-changing impact of the horse-human relationship.
The Montana Center for Horsemanship, the only education center in the nation devoted exclusively to Natural Horsemanship, in partnership with the University of Montana Western, is pleased to present this conference, featuring Dr. Temple Grandin, one of the foremost experts on animal behavior. A professor of animal science at Colorado State, consultant on animal behavior and a renowned autism spokesperson, Dr. Grandin was one of the first individuals on the autism spectrum, to document the insights gained from her personal experience of autism. She is also a strong proponent and advocate for equine assisted learning.
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