Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Hanen 4 "I"s to Socialize: Coaching Parents of Children with Autism and Social Communication Difficulties

Dates: May 6-7
Location: Early Childhood Intervention
              2016 Grand Avenue, Suite B
              Billings, MT

If your role includes supporting the communication development of young children with autism or social communication difficulties, you know that involving parents effectively is key to your success.
Hanen 4 “I”s to Socialize™ is an intensive 2-day workshop designed to facilitate and enhance your efforts to involve families and to achieve the best possible outcomes for young children with social communication challenges.
The workshop provides:
  • A research-based protocol for evaluating children’s social communication and determining next steps – A comprehensive checklist helps you zero in on a child’s stage of social communication and identify what his or her next target may be.
  • A set of responsive interaction strategies drawn from Hanen’s evidence-based More Than Words® program – You’ll share these strategies with parents so they can facilitate their child’s ability to engage in extended, enjoyable interactions within everyday activities and routines.
  • A structured parent coaching framework that’s based on principles of adult learning – this consists of a clear, 4-step coaching model that considers the needs of adult learners and effectively supports parents’ application and generalization of strategies.

We are unable to offer scholarships to this training.