Friday, March 20, 2020

Archived Webinar - Autism, Sexual Health, and Today’s Sexual Culture

The world of sexual health can be intimidating for anyone, but if a person has autism spectrum disorder (ASD), it can be even more challenging. Difficulties with boundaries, safe sexual expression, and forming healthy romantic relationships are common for teens and adults with ASD. If you support someone who struggles with these issues, and you want to learn more about sexuality and positive supports, please watch Katherine Antall, MS in this edWebinar that addresses these topics and more. Learning objectives of the presentation include:
  • Learn about typical sexual development through the lifespan
  • Examine how ASD may impact sexual expression and forming romantic relationships
  • Explore the role of sensory processing within the sexual response cycle
  • Discuss the role of culture and technology on sexual health, specifically as it applies to those with ASD
  • Discover ways to develop positive, supportive environments for healthy sexuality
  • Learn about addressing problematic sexual behavior with tips and resources for parents and professionals
This recorded session will be of particular benefit to middle school through higher education teachers and school and district leaders as well as therapists, behavior specialists, associate teachers and aides.