Monday, November 4, 2019

Archived Webinar - Reducing Challenging Behaviors in Students with Autism: Merging Visual Language and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

We will take an in-depth look at evidence-based strategies to help reduce and/or replace challenging behaviors utilizing functional communication training. During this edWebinar, we will:
  • define functional communication training and discuss why it can significantly reduce challenging behaviors, including those exhibited by students with Autism. 

  • take a step-by-step approach to identifying and assessing problem behaviors as well as visual language strengths and weaknesses.
  • map visual language onto Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) teaching strategies.
  • learn how to use systematic strategies to teach replacement communication and behaviors.
  • examine case studies that demonstrate how to scaffold visual supports for different types of students, based on baseline data collection and the results of language assessments.
  • monitor and generalize these skills in students with Autism.

View the webinar here.