Tuesday, May 21, 2019

iPad Boot Camp: Awesome New iPad Apps, Adaptations, and Accessories

Great Falls
August 8/9, 2019
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Holiday Inn, 1100 5th St

This two-day course will discuss and demonstrate the top 50 apps to support students who experience various functional limitations; 20 new accessories and adaptations; new accessibility features of the latest IOS operating system; 101 ways to use video to support physical, sensory, communication and intellectual disabilities; what is new in accessibility features; hands-on fabrication of a key guard for an iPad – for communication access; hands-on fabrication of an adaptive stylus for the iPad using Instamorph, PVC, Microfiber Mesh, and Universal Cuff; hands-on fabrication of a tactile graphic overlay for vision impairments using Remo 1, foamies and transparency film; hands-on fabrication of a multi-use iPad holder for hand free access; hands-on fabrication of a vertical iPad holder; creating switch access receipt to work with a drone and web based interfaces such as YouTube and PBS; hands-on exploration of new switch interfaces for the iPad; new iPad adaptations to support users who experience physical, sensory, or communication impairments; overview of new amazing apps for vision, hearing, communication, learning and intellectual impairments; app feature mapping – how to select an appropriate app; apps and adaptations for students who experience limitation in reading and writing; apps for reminding, finding and prompting for individuals who experience executive function impairments.  

This course scored a 5.0 on, "Would you suggest this course to others?"

Quotes from previous attendees: "Great visuals, videos and hands-on!"  "Therese was awesome!"  "I loved how practical this was."  "It was an awesome workshop. I absolutely loved it. Therese has a great sense of humor and is fun to listen to!"
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Course Objectives – participants will be able to:

  • Identify at least 10 different built in features on an iPad to support students who experience various disabilities

  • Identify at least five resources for finding appropriate apps for specific functional limitations

  • Describe how to use the SETT framework when electing an appropriate app

  • Describe five different ways to access the iPad for physical limitations

  • Build a multiuse iPad holder

  • Build a scan and read station to support an iPad for students who experience print disabilities

  • Fabricate a tactile overlay for GarageBand for vision impairments

  • Build an adaptive stylus for someone who is unable to hold a stylus

  • Identify and describe 10 different uses of the iPad camera for physical, sensory, communication or cognitive limitations

  • Identify three different ways to interact with the iPad or iPhone without ever touching the device

  • Describe a five minute solution for creating an adaptive keyguard for a communication app

  • Identify at least five apps and iPad accessories to support students who experience executive function impairments
  • Identify and describe at least five apps and adaptation for deaf and hard of hearing

  • Identify and describe at least five apps for self regulation

  • Identify and describe at least five mounting solutions for a wheelchair, table, bed or floor