Thursday, January 10, 2019

Cues Club Helena

Winter/Spring Classes 2019
Is your child or teen …
            *Struggling in social situations?
*Having difficulty interacting with peers?
*Having trouble understanding and responding to non-verbal cues?

Catch the cues in our classes starting February 19th! 
Classes are offered for elementary, middle school, and high school individuals with solid cognitive and language skills who are struggling in social situations. Small groups rich in social learning (and fun!) help individuals learn how to be part of a group and share space with others. 

February 19-April 23
No Class week of Spring Break
4-5 years        3:45-4:45
6-8 years         4:45-5:45
           15-18 years    5:00-6:00

         February 21-April 25
     No class week of Spring Break
 9-11 years        3:45-4:45           
            12-14 years    5:00-6:00

TBA -  Girls Group ages 11-13.  Seeking girls interested in participating in a social interaction class.  Class will be organized based on interest. 

We strive to group children according to their social interaction style.  Class ages associated with the times above may vary depending on enrollment and each student’s individual communication style.

South Hills Church of Christ- 2294 Deerfield Lane
Fee:  $200.00 (assistance available)

Register online at or contact Chris Caniglia at 461-2853