Friday, December 21, 2018

Contingency Constracts

1.     Contingency Contract: this is also referred to as a behavioral contract; it is basically a document that specifies a contingent relationship between the completion of a specified behavior and access to or a delivery of a specified reward. The contract should be developed with the teacher and the student to modify academic performance/work completion. The recommended goal tracking apps or check-in, check-out sheets could be used to help set goals.  

a.      Ideas for contingency contract: working for increments of time to earn points or numbers off of work, turning in one assignment per day and then working up. Make sure you pick a goal that is obtainable and then work toward bigger goals as you see success. (Start with math like we discussed then add in other subjects as you see consistent success).

b.     Sample contracts and steps for implementation can be found at these websites:

                                                              i. ,

                                                           ii. ,


(From OPI Behavior Consultant, Anna Donohoe)