Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Shawna Heiser is coming to Glasgow on April 20, 2018

A thorough presentation of positive behavioral interventions in the classroom will be presented to conference attendees. Discussion will center on students with learning disabilities and children with serious emotional disorders and behavioral concerns will be thoroughly discussed. The audience will be able to apply the information presented through videos, activities, and examples of how to set up positive plans for the children in a variety of environmental settings immediately in their respective situations.

The training will also contain discussions about practice based interventions such as Superflex super hero curriculum and zones of regulation in the classroom. We will examine the common pitfalls that sabotage behavioral intervention plans and thoroughly describe the 504 accommodations presented to people in 1973 and how to provide these accommodations in a regular education classroom.
Throughout the presentation, the attendees will receive a vast amount of information on what seems to work best for the children and adolescents with emotional disabilities and learning challenges and how to set up positive behavioral supports and interventions for the individuals they are serving.
Content areas included:
Early Childhood, Elementary/Middle School, Secondary School,Curricula & Instructional Design, Families, Transition(s), Collaboration/Team Building, Differentiated Education, Social Skill Development, Behavior Management, Classroom Management, Self-Regulation, andPBS Positive Behavioral Support
Learning Objectives: After attending this session, participants will
1. Identify why difficult behaviors are occurring, and what to do to change the inappropriate behaviors.
2. Gain knowledge about what accommodations and positive behavioral interventions can be most
effectively utilized in the classroom.
3. Know how to set up a classroom using good therapeutic practice based management systems.
44 attendees