Thursday, April 12, 2018

Archived Webinar - Access to Core Vocabulary Using 3D Tactile Symbols Webinar

Did you know that 85% of what we say is communicated with only 200 basic words? It is now commonly understood in the field of augmentative and alternative communication that all students need access to a commonly used core vocabulary. Core vocabulary is a small set of simple words, in any language, that are used frequently and across contexts. 

This webinar with Kathy Look Howery will introduce you to a newly developed set of 3D tactile symbols created by the Centre for Literacy and Disability Studies for students with severe visual impairment, significant intellectual disability, and/or complex communication needs. Current research and practice focusing on the use of these symbols to support language development and expressive communication is also shared. The webinar also shares resources that can assist you in teaching and modelling use of core-vocabulary throughout the day for students whose challenges come in multiples.

Watch the webinar here.