Monday, February 5, 2018

Archived Webinar - AT and Apps to Support Math for Diverse Learners!

Let’s talk math apps and assistive technology tools to support access to math assignments for diverse learners! This engaging session will focus on supporting diverse learners on all platforms and devices, using iOS apps (iPhone/ iPad) and Google Chrome Apps & Extensions (Laptops, Chromebooks, Windows) to supplement math curriculum and skills in the classroom. Many schools are implementing 1 to 1 programs or “Going Google,” with Google Apps and Chromebooks. This session will address supporting diverse learners on ALL devices, using apps, extensions, and free web resources, as well as tactile/physical tools & AT equipment to support and develop the math skills that students may find challenging. AT for accessing math assignments in accessible formats will be discussed, including digital, enlarged, and tactile formats. Apps, tools, and assistive technologies will be demonstrated to support foundational math skills, as well as more complex math skills in areas such as Algebra, Geometry, Word Problems, Fractions, Math drills, Automaticity, and more. Access and support for all students, including those with Dyslexia, Specific LDs, who are Blind or have Low Vision, Physical Disabilities, and CVI will be introduced.

View the archived webinar here.