Monday, February 5, 2018

Learning to Manage Feminine Hygiene Needs

Question: I have a daughter with autism who is showing signs of puberty. I want her to continue to be as independent as possible and to be prepared for all aspects of her own feminine hygiene, but don’t know where to begin with teaching her how to care for her menses. What is the best way that we can practice these skills before her menstrual cycle begins?

As with any skill you teach children and adolescents, it is important to use plain language and to avoid abstract terms as much as possible. It is also important to become comfortable with all of the terms involved in feminine hygiene, such as period, pad, blood, etc. As uncomfortable as it may seem at first, speaking about these things becomes a normal part of the teaching process over time. Due to the fact that taking care of your period is a sensitive and private event, you may consider beginning by explaining to your daughter what it is and why you need to go over essential hygienic practices. Work a few basic facts into a conversation, or visual aid if you feel it will be helpful to your daughter’s acceptance of the teaching program. 

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