Sunday, January 7, 2018

Understanding Conflict and Communication: Strategies to Prevent Litigation in Special Education

Audience: General and special education administrators and teachers
Dates: 4/18/2018
As an educational professional you encounter conflict every day whether it is with students, co-workers, families, or community members. This workshop has been designed to help you understand conflict, how to resolve conflict, and learn communication and meeting strategies that will allow you to work more easily with others as well as more effectively work through conflict. This workshop is designed for all school staff but the primary focus will be given to general and special education administrators and teachers. The discussion in this workshop will be based around the special education process and special education teams. 

The purpose of this workshop is to empower school staff with skills and strategies to more effectively work through tough situations and come to an agreement on next steps. There is much conflict that occurs during the team approach to special education and this will be the foundation of the examples and strategies presented. 

Presenters: David Bateman and Jenifer Cline