Thursday, June 29, 2017

An Open Letter to Parents of Students With Disabilities About to Enter College

First, colleges and universities provide services and support to Students With Disabilities under very different laws than those that governed services in the K-12 system. As a parent, I have no rights under Section 504/ADA in speaking for my SWD who is in college.

The services and support available to SWD are sometimes very different than what was provided in high school, and the college is under no obligation to continue the services given in high school or to adhere to the recommendations of an outside diagnostician. The college will make its own determination of what services and support to offer, based on the documentation of disability and their interview with your SWD. There are no IEP’s in college, there is no place to sign off with my parental approval. Indeed, the college doesn’t legally have to care whether I am satisfied or not. My daughter is responsible for her own destiny now. 

  1. An old adage maintains:
    There are only two things a parent can give to a child... One is roots. The other is wings.

    It is time for our kids to solo.

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