Monday, May 15, 2017

Helping Children Become Active Learners Using the DIR/Floortime Model


June 26th, 2017

Children diagnosed with Autism and related disorders have challenges that impact self-regulation, communication, social-emotional development, learning and the development of functional skills.  This presentation will introduce key principles of the DIR/Floortime model that can help children become active learners though a better understanding of how biologically based individual differences in communication, motor planning, and sensory processing, impact the learning process. 
Floortime offers interactive techniques that can be used to help children learn to attend and self regulate, to become engaged and reciprocal in interactions with others, and to begin to understand social problem solving.  These early functional emotional developmental capacities are necessary to engage in active, adaptive learning. 
This workshop will demonstrate intervention principles and technique that can help teachers, para-professionals, therapists, and parents prepare the child for learning and address challenges such as avoidance, shut downs, and meltdowns. Participants will learn how to interpret the child’s behavioral cues and to use developmentally targeted interaction techniques to address the child’s functional challenges.

Course #8789

6 OPI Renewal Units will be available