Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Archived Webinar - From Portable to Wearable Supports for Daily Living

Devices from Apple, Google, Pebble and others offer a great deal of customization through a number of built-in accessibility features as well as apps that can be installed to support a number of individual needs. For this session we will focus on the use of wearables as a support for executive functioning, our ability to plan and executive key tasks related to daily living. We will explore a number of built-in features and apps for setting up and managing calendars, to do lists, reminders and other tools that can help all of us stay on track as we seek to complete important personal goals. In addition to these aids for daily living available on a number of wearables ranging from fitness devices to smart watches, we will explore the availability of accessibility features such as screen reader support, magnification and other display adjustments for those who need them to interact with their devices.

Watch the webinar here.