Sunday, March 19, 2017

Considering Culture in Autism Screening Products

Massachusetts Act Early has developed the Considering Culture in Autism Screening guide, toolkit and classroom-based curriculum offered below at no cost for use by a variety of pediatric and early childhood professionals when working with children from families whose primary language is not English. 

These free materials may be downloaded and printed for use in practice.

Screening Guide & Toolkit

Included in the Considering Culture in Autism Screening Kit are several selected translations of the  M-CHAT autism screening tool in both the latest revised version with the follow-up interview (R/F) and the original version (see below). In addition to the M-CHAT R/F translations below that represent the most prominently spoken languages in Massachusetts, the M-CHAT R/F web site has many more.

To download other translations and to learn more in general about the screening tool, please visit

M-CHAT-R/F and translations