Thursday, May 4, 2017

Autism for Administrators - Billings

August 2nd

Morning Objectives: Participants will (a) define the major characteristics of autism and identify symptoms commonly associated with the disorder and state whether they are part of the official definition or not, (b) identify two ‘gold standards’ for diagnosing autism and state the difference between diagnosis and verification, and (c) identify at least two accommodations and two alternate assessments for students who have autism.

Afternoon Objectives: Participants will (a) identify and describe several classroom and academic interventions for students with ASD, (b) describe social and behavioral approaches to increasing these skills in students with ASD, (c) identify the need for crisis planning and supports including FBA and Function-based interventions, (d) list at least four considerations for improving policies at their own school or district, and (e) inform others of current research which applies to students with ASD in their school or district.

About the Presenter: Cheryl Young-Pelton is an Associate Professor of Special Education for the Department of Educational Theory and Practice. She has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses in special education, and developed the Behavior Analyst Certification Board approved course sequence and intensive practicum in applied behavior analysis at MSUB.

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