Monday, January 30, 2017

Archived Webinar - Executive Function Series: Session 1 Building Memory and Focus – for Students with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities

Executive Function Series: Executive functioning and self-regulation — recalling relevant information to complete a task, filtering out distractions and exercising self-regulation, and adapting and adjusting to changing demands — are particularly challenging for students with significant communication, behavioral and cognitive needs. This webinar series will discuss support strategies to develop and strengthen executive function and self-regulation skills and compensate for any deficit areas to enable academic and life success.
Session 1: Remembering the information required to completing a task, and sustaining attention during a particular activity are skills that learners require to be successful in academic activities and to develop self-dependence. Augmented with student scenarios and context-specific situations, this webinar session will discuss and illustrate a variety of instructional support strategies to build and strengthen the working memory, attention and focus of students with autism and intellectual disabilities to enable them to succeed in school and beyond.

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