Thursday, August 11, 2016

Behavior Mapping Maker

What is Behavior Mapping Maker?

Behavior Mapping Maker is the only web-based tool for making Behavior Maps for children with Autism and other developmental disabilities including those with emotional disorders. As a teacher, consultant or parent you can make an unlimited number of personalized Behavior Maps for the children you work with who are experiencing problem behavior. Behavior Mapping Maker allows you to make individual maps with a great selection of pictures that include some of the most common behaviors we see in children as well as common reinforcers used to teach new behaviors. In addition, Behavior Mapping Maker allows you to upload photos in order to make a Behavior Map that is individualized for a child’s particular interests. This way, you can ensure the success of each of the children you work with.

What is a Behavior Map?

Behavior Mapping is the latest visual based strategy for children with autism to decrease challenging behaviors. Behavior Mapping complements other visual strategies that are available to support children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Behavior Maps, also known as Consequence Maps, create a visual tool that list the reinforcement that will occur for a given behavior choice. For example, if the behavior you want to teach is to raise one’s hand to get the teacher’s attention in class rather than blurting out, the Behavior Map indicates the reinforcer for doing so, such as a sticker on the student’s sticker chart to time play with a Buzz Light Year figure. The Behavior Map also indicates what the consequence would be if the child “shouts out” and does NOT raise his hand; in the case, NO time with Buzz Light Year. As such, Behavior Maps visually show kids how they can earn the things they like by doing what teachers and parents want them to do.