Friday, June 10, 2016


July 18 1nd 19, 2016 

This training will focus on how to use Discovery as an age appropriate transition assessment and an alternative to traditional assessments. The training will be a day and half. Directly following the training will be a technical assistance session for those interested in creating a plan on how to implement discovery on a particular individual.

Discovery, rather than assessing what a student needs to learn, captures when a student is at his or her best and translates that into:
*what tasks a student would like to do for pay
*the type of work environment needed to be successful
*the pacing of tasks
*the type of supervisor and supports needed
*the conditions of work that highlight a student's contributions

Discovery is an optimistic, person centered planning approach that seeks to individualize work-based learning and employment outcomes for each student. Discovery provides a substitute to comparison based testing by utilizing already existing information from the student's life to gain insight into the student's strengths, skills, interests, and support needs. Discovery takes the student's entire life experience into account rather than forming assumptions based upon a single instance of performance. Discovery throughout students' transition years can be a work in progress that helps students form their career path development.

Participants will learn:
*the steps to Discovery
*how to see possibilities from daily routines
*observation skills from inside and outside an activity
*person centered interviewing
*descriptive writing
*translating students' information into possible work tasks

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