Thursday, March 17, 2016

Webinar - Understand the "Why" Behind Using Visual Supports and How to Use Them Correctly

Wednesday, March 30th
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Join Laurie Sperry, PhD, BCBA-D, MSC Forensic Psychology/Criminology for a free webinar to learn why visual supports matter and how to use them correctly. 

Visual supports help the person with ASD make sense of their environment, understand what is being asked of them, and complete tasks more successfully and independently. 

During this exciting new webinar, Laurie will give real-world examples ranging from early childhood to adulthood that address academic, communication, and social goals, plus daily living activities. 

Educators will quickly learn how-to:

  1. The "why" behind using visual supports and how to use them correctly 
  2. Tips you can implement immediately to promote engagement 
  3. Proven ideas for reducing anxiety and challenging behaviors