Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Tips for Successful Haircuts

Haircuts can sometimes be difficult for people with autism. The challenges can range from sensory issues to anxiety about what will happen during the haircutting process. Autism Speaks has partnered with Snip-its and Melmark New England to develop a haircutting training guide to provide information to families and stylists as to how to make the haircutting experience more positive for children with autism.
The haircutting training guide provides additional information for stylists about autism and what stylists can do to make the process more successful. There is also information for families and caregivers about how to prepare for a haircut, and a visual schedule that can be downloaded and used to help the child to understand the steps involved in getting a haircut. Information about home haircare is also included.
A video was created that shows the haircutting process. Stylists will be provided with tips about how to make the haircutting experience more successful. Families and caregivers may want to view the video with their child with autism, so that the child is more familiar with the process, which may result in less anxiety about haircuts.