Monday, August 31, 2015

MSHA Workshop - The Social Academic Connection-Story Based Interventionfor Social Communication and Social Learning Challenges

October 15-17, 2015 The Crowne Plaza 27 North 27th Street Billings, MT 59101 This highly interactive professional development workshop will focus on Story-Based (or Narrative) Intervention, which is needed when students experience difficulties using language to think, communicate and learn. Narrative intervention is important to all students for developing communicative competence, but especially early learners and those with Autism as well as those who may have social communication, developmental or learning challenges. Through the use of narrative development and children’s literature, educators can help children to: tell their "story," take perspective, develop Theory of Mind, become critical thinkers, build Central Coherence, solve problems, initiate conversation to establish relationships, recognize feelings through verbal and nonverbal cues, infer, make plans and improve writing with cohesion. The multisensory tool, Story Grammar Marker® which provides a concrete representation of the narrative episode will be discussed. This methodology provides motivation in the learning process while both the research-based narrative developmental sequence and data collection process assure an ongoing way to measure progress. The presenter will present using multiple modes; lecture, small and large group activities, videos, children’s literature, and handouts.

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