Thursday, January 29, 2015

Identification Cards

For students who are non-verbal or have limited communication, carrying or wearing identification can be quite useful if they wander or become lost. Below are some identification resources. A suggested measurable annual goal for this might be: CONDITION: When asked, ("Are you lost? Do you have any identification?") by a stranger* BEHAVIOR: the student will show her identification to the stranger* CRITERION: without prompting CONSISTENCY: nine of ten times." * It can be easy for the student to learn this with familiar staff but the true test is to do it with someone unknown. Set up a situation where the student is "lost" in the school setting with no familiar staff visible to her then use your SRO or ask a staff person whom the student is not familiar to ask the questions in the goal and see if the student meets the goal. Resources:

 Medical ID Bracelets that don't look so medical.

 Wrist bands and Safety Alert cards

 Examples of identification cards you can create + another one.