Thursday, March 7, 2013


Welcome to the Resources section of the VCU-ACE website! The world of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) is constantly evolving and autism is anything but simple to navigate. Because of the complexity of ASD, we have divided our resources into eleven different sections. ASD never impacts just one part of life, and it is more than just something with which young children struggle. Autism is pervasive. It impacts every facet of life throughout the entire lifespan, from infancy to adulthood. While there are indeed many challenges for the individual with ASD, no matter their age or ability there are also strategies that can help the individual cope with what can seem like a very chaotic world. There are strategies to help the individual communicate more effectively or to develop and strengthen relationships. There are educational strategies to help the student succeed in the classroom and reach his or her potential. There is support we can provide to adults with ASD in the modern workforce that will help them find meaningful careers. There are things we can do to help this chaotic world seem a little less chaotic. All of us at the VCU Autism Center for Excellence truly believe there are ways to improve the quality of life for every individual with ASD. Throughout the Resources section, you will find web links, guides, factsheets, agency information, trainings, videos, and research articles to help you support individuals with ASD. We offer the following sections for families, educators, providers, professionals, community members, and of course, the individual with ASD: Autism Spectrum DisorderWhat does it mean and where do I start? Screening and DiagnosisHow is a child screened or diagnosed with ASD? Evidence-Based PracticesWhat does it mean and how can it help the individual with ASD? CommunicationWhat is it, why is it important, and what tools are available to help? Early InterventionWhat is it and what can it do for the very young child with ASD? FamiliesWhat supports are there to help families raising a child with ASD? Eligibility and the School Aged ChildWhat is eligibility and how can I help the student with ASD? Adolescence and ASDWhat are the needs and supports for the adolescent with ASD? Adults with ASDHow does Autism impact adulthood and what can I do to support the adult with ASD? Technology and ASDHow can technology help the individual with ASD? Smartphone Technology and ASDWhat's new in Smartphone Technology and how can it help the individual with ASD?

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