Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Archived Webinars - Prevention, Intervention, Post-Vention: What to do After the Meltdown (archived webinar)

Many students with ASD exhibit interfering behaviors to effectively and efficiently navigate their environment. These interfering behaviors should not be confused with the primary characteristic,unusual patterns of behavior, used to identify students with ASD. Screaming, throwing or hitting are not due to having ASD!

Oftentimes, the term “meltdown” is used to describe a temporary event that appears to come “out of nowhere”. The meltdown appears as a moment where the person has lost control of their ability to cope or regulate their behavior. Difficulty regulating during the peak of a meltdown is usually due to a series of unfortunate events that happened throughout the day, and the fifth unfortunate event was the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back.’

This presentation is the first part to the two-part series on management strategies for after the meltdown. Kathy Morris will discuss practical strategies to use throughout the meltdown cycle. Morris will explain preventative techniques and intervention strategies to teach coping skills to the student with ASD prior to the meltdown.

What to do after a meltdown part 1

What to do after a meltdown part 2