Monday, January 21, 2013

6 Lessons Learned Transitioning to High School

I’ve talked to my son extensively about high school…what things work, what things don’t. My son is very knowledgeable about what he needs to learn. It wasn’t always this way, not by any stretch of the imagination, but slowly through middle school and now in high school, he is very vocal about hisautism, how it affects him and how he learns best. He actively participated in his IEP meeting last month, demonstrating maturity and self-advocacy skills that brought tears to my eyes. The minute walked into the room, he announced to everyone, including the vice principal, our advocate and the special ed supervisor that he was “staying for the entire meeting”. No one told him otherwise, but I suppose in his way he was asserting his right to meaningfully participate and express his needs When thinking about the transition, my son and I came up with a list of “lessons learned” to date, regarding high school and autism. All autistic kids are different; so our experience doesn’t match everyone else’s. That being said, here are some areas to think about with regards to transitioning to high school:
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