Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to Talk to an Aspi ֠Asperger's, Autism, Labels, Stereotypes andStrategies

My child is extremely engaging, interesting and (in a way) interested in people. The differences are more subtle and hard to pin-point. You’d know there’s a problem somewhere with the way he interacts with others, but you would find it hard to pinpoint what. But, if you meet a kid that: Is very welcoming and friendly. Almost assuming right off that you are a friend. Is very polite on the phone. Assumes that you are interested in what he is talking about. Assumes you want to participate in the things he wants to do, and maybe gets angry if you don’t. Interrupts your conversations with others. Gets upset over basic requests or instructions. Asks surprising questions and offers amazing insight on a wide range of topics. Will do a speech as if he were defending a thesis, but then fail at answering basic open-ended questions about the same topic. Is surprisingly slow at getting ready for going outside etc. Will repeat certain behaviors and actions over and over again. That might be my kid. If you happen upon a kid you might think is an aspi, here are some things you could consider:

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