Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Autism: Life Transitions from Pre-School to Adulthood - Billings - Aug.2-3, 2012

Autism: Life Transitions from Pre-School to Adulthood - Billings - Aug. 2-3, 2012 What:Families and educators need continued assistance with resources that teach life skills to assist individuals with autism as they negotiate important transitions in their lives. This two day conference will provide information and hands-on experience that will help you assist children and young adults on the spectrum to discover their unique interests and abilities. Fostering self-identity that will prepare individuals with autism for lifelong inclusion in the community that will maximize their independence, productivity, and enjoyment. Successful early transitions will help pave the way for future transitions. Some individuals on the spectrum will pursue higher education and competitive employment opportunities while others are more limited. Beyond their varied abilities and interests, limited social skills for nearly all individuals with autism make it difficult for them to adjust to new school environments, different living arrangements, college and the workplace. With proper support and services from teachers, mentors, co-workers and job coaches who understand these special needs, we believe all individuals can be supported to lead happier, more productive and independent lives. In addition to information about transitions, educators and family members attending this year’s conference will be able to participate in activities often used in therapy and successful educational environments. This will give you a unique opportunity to experience life from the perspective of a person on the spectrum and give you skills to help calm, teach, and care. Where:MSU-B Main Campus1500 University DriveBillings, MT When:August 2 & 3, 2012 Register:Call 406-896-5890 to register for this event.