Monday, May 7, 2012

Transition to Adulthood Guidelines

Age-Appropriate Transition Assessment In this volume, Age-Appropriate Transition Assessment, the user will take a close look at the intention of Age-Appropriate Transition Assessment (AATA) and the implications to students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Accurate and meaningful AATA is critical to the development of a plan that both fits the student’s interests and strengths and meets the student’s needs. Employment In this volume, Employment, the user will focus on the post school outcome of employment. The guide begins with a focus on planning and preparing the individual with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) for employment during the transition years. As the user moves through the volume, the focus comes to include information and considerations for those seeking employment or for those currently employed. Implications for the individual with ASD are highlighted as well as resources for improving career development and employment support. The goal of this volume is to help the user understand the issues surrounding successful employment for the individual with ASD and to highlight the supports and resources that lead to and assist in maintaining meaningful employment. IEP Transition Components In this volume, IEP Transition Components, the user will be introduced to the legislation that supports transition planning for the individual with a disability, as well as the legislation that provides for ongoing services for adults with disabilities. Each step of the IEP transition planning process will be explored to allow users to review their own documents and plans. The goal of this volume is to assist in creating a process that results in a meaningful IEP document for the youth with ASD that will serve as a guide for the team in the future. School-Age Programming In this volume, School Age Programming to Prepare for Transition to Adulthood, the user will take a close look at important elements of educational programming for transition-age youth and the implications for students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). While academic achievement is a required area of focus of an educational program, other areas of skill development that must be considered as well in order for students to achieve a successful adult life. For students with ASD, this includes issues such as social competency and life skills development.

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