Monday, January 9, 2012

Added - Treatment section of the ASD Video Glossary

Autism Speaks is pleased to announce the launch of the Treatment section of the ASD Video Glossary. The treatments presented here include some of the more commonly used interventions for children on the autism spectrum: behavioral interventions, developmental interventions, structured teaching and supports, clinical therapies, and toddler treatment models. We have chosen to focus on treatments that can be represented and understood in video format. There are many other treatments available and families are encouraged to speak with their professional team members to choose the treatments that best address the individual needs of their child. The treatments represented in the Glossary may not be appropriate for all children. While there are no conclusive studies showing that one approach is better than another, some approaches have been researched more than others and many approaches incorporate similar strategies. Parents and professionals are encouraged to look at all approaches and choose treatment strategies that best fit the needs of the child and family. This glossary of treatments is not all inclusive– there are plenty more treatments that are offered. Further, we do not endorse or recommend any treatment or program. We simply offer this Glossary of video clips and invite you to explore the different options. Additionally, we encourage you to download the two-page PDF treatment descriptions where you will see a list of the top research references that support each of the treatments.

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